High School Athletic Handbook

Grandville High School Athletic Handbook

Athletic Programs

Boys: Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Water Polo

Girls: Cheer-leading, Cross Country, Golf, Swimming/Diving, Volleyball


Boys: Basketball, Bowling, Hockey, Swimming/Diving, Wrestling

Girls: Basketball, Bowling, Competitive Cheer-leading, Sideline Cheer-leading, Dance


Boys: Baseball, Golf, Rugby, Track, Lacrosse

Girls: Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track, Water Polo, Lacrosse

Various age levels exist for each sport. Student athletes should check with the athletic office for specific dates for physicals, tryouts, and the beginning practice dates for each season. Students may also participate in the athletic trainer assistant program. Contact the athletic department for details.


Grandville High School Athletic Policy

Grandville High School Academic Eligibility
• Athletes must have earned credit in five (5) classes the previous semester. Athletes who fail to meet the semester eligibility standard will be ineligible for participation until the 61st scheduled school day of the next semester.
• Athletes must be currently passing five (5) classes. The grade will be determined as a cumulative semester grade. An athlete who fails to meet the bi-weekly standards will not participate in the following week’s athletic contest(s) (Mon. – Sun.). He/she will be expected to practice and will be subject to all team rules and regulations.
• Athletes must maintain a level of citizenship within school and at school functions. An athlete who fails to meet the weekly standards will not participate in the following week’s athletic contest(s) (Mon. – Sun.). He/she will be expected to practice and will be subject to all team rules and regulations.

Grandville High School Attendance Eligibility
• Attendance at all practices and contests is expected.
• An athlete must be in attendance four class periods during the day (not including their lunch period) of the contests/practice, except as excused by the athletic director at least one (1) day prior to the absence. The athletic director may waive this rule in cases of unusual circumstances.
** Practice sites may be off site and require personal transportation.**

Grandville High School Athletic Code of Conduct
Student Handbook – All Grandville Public Schools students are responsible for complying with the rules in the Student Handbook.

If a student athlete is disciplined for a violation of the Student Handbook the Athletic Director,
• Is notified in writing, a conference between the Athletic Director and student will be conducted to determine appropriate discipline. The following items will be discussed:
o The Athletic Code violation
o The appropriate penalty

Illegal Actions – Use, possession of, sale of, or distribution of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or/and steroids in any form; possession, sale of, or distribution of any substance or item that is represented to be a controlled substance; consumption, possession or under the influence of alcoholic beverages; to steal/shoplift or be an accomplice to the act of stealing/shoplifting; to destroy or deface school property; use, possession or under the influence of a controlled substance (illegal or prescription) other than as prescribed by a physician.

• First Offense: Immediate suspension from interscholastic competition for 30% of the athletic contests in the sport in which the athlete is participating. If the violation occurs with only a third of the regular season schedule or less remaining the athlete will be suspended for the remainder of the season, including the entire post season tournament. If the infraction/violation occurs out of season or the end of the previous athletic season
the penalty will carryover and be assessed during the next season/sport the athlete participates in. The suspension will not be considered complete until the student/athlete has completed 20 hours of community service as approved by the principal and/or athletic director. Community service hours must be documented to the athletic director and will not apply to the community service hours required for graduation.

Self Reporting: If a student turns himself/herself in for an Athletic Code violation the suspension will be for a period of 20% instead of 30% and
8 hours of community service instead of 20 hours of community service. Self reporting to the principal or athletic director will only be allowed once with a first violation and must be made prior to any investigation by the High School administration.
• Second Offense: Suspension from all athletics for the duration of the current athletic season and the next two full athletic seasons. In addition, the student must complete an acceptable counseling or treatment program with documentation to the athletic director.
• Third Offense: At any time during the students four-year enrollment a third offense will result in permanent barring of the athlete from participation in athletics for the remainder of his/her high school years/career.

Performance-Enhancing Substances
Use of a performance-enhancing substance by a student, no matter their source, is a violation that will affect a student’s athletic eligibility and extracurricular participation. The list of banned substances for the 2012-2013 school year include:
Herbal Ectasy, Shape-Fast Plus, Thermogen Tea, Metabolife 356, Ultimate Orange, Diet Fuel, Herbal Rush, Energy Rush, Xenadrine, Biodrine, Ripped Fuel, 3-Andro Xtreme, Adipokinetix, Animal Cuts, BetaLean, Dyma-Burn Xtreme, Dymetadrine Xtreme, Energel, Metacuts, Thermo Speed, Yellow Jacket, Ripped Force, 3-andro Xtreme, Andor-Gen, Andro-Stack, Androstat, Animal Stak, Nor Andro Ripped Fuel, Nor-Stak, Nor-Tek, Rest-EZE, Blue Nitro, Revivarant G, GH revitalizier, GHR, Remforce, Renewtrient, Gamma G, IsomaX, Firewater, Invigorate, Somoatomax-PM, Thermo-Lift, Herbal Thermotabs, Hydroxycitrate, Hydroxycut, and Citrimax.

Gross Misconduct/Conduct Unbecoming – Gross misconduct is defined as cheating, fighting, hazing (see student code-of-conduct) or to be an accomplice to the act of hazing (see student code-of-conduct), violation of a civil or criminal law or any socially unacceptable behavior that brings discredit to the athlete, parents, school or team.

• Suspension from 10% – 100% of the scheduled dates of the season during which the violation occurred, possible removal of the privilege of being a team captain, possible suspension from the team for the remainder of the season or seasons and/or possible suspension from athletic participation for up to one calendar year. Police referrals will be made in instances of law violations. Punishment will be dependent upon the severity of the offense.

Reporting Violation
• A written report will be given to the Director of Athletics telling of the infraction. These reports may come via a reporter warning of an infraction, report by an adult, police report, court decisions or public information (papers, magazines, etc.)
• Director of Athletics shall notify the athlete of reported violation and investigate the infraction after receiving the report or learning of the violation.
• Written report of the charges and penalty to parents/guardian from Director of Athletics.

Duration – The athlete must abide by this athletic code effective the first day of practice/tryouts of his/her first sport participated in at Grandville High School. Transfer/new students must abide by this athletic code from their first day of practice/tryouts of the first sport they participate in at Grandville High School. The Director of Athletics reserves the right to honor discipline imposed by another school from which the student transfers. After the first day of practice, the Grandville Athletic code is in effect at all times throughout the entire calendar year (365 days) for the remainder of the student’s high school career at Grandville High School.

MHSAA Eligibility

The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) has been the governing body of high school athletics in our state since 1924, and Grandville Public Schools is part of the 701 public, parochial and private schools that have agreed to follow the rules and regulations MHSAA helps enact. The following is a summary of the MHSAA Ten-Point Checklist for Student eligibility:

High school students become ineligible if they reach their nineteenth birthday before September 1 of a current school year.

Undergraduate Standing
Students involved with high school sports are NOT to be a high school graduate.

Physical Examination
Students must have on file, in the athletic office, a physician’s statement for the current school year (dated after April 15) certifying that he/she is physically able to compete in athletic practices and contests.

Students must be enrolled in school prior to the fourth Friday after Labor Day (1st semester) or the fourth Friday of February (2nd semester). A student must be enrolled in the school for which he or she competes.

Semesters of Enrollment
Students cannot be eligible in high school for more than eight semesters and the seventh and eighth semesters must be consecutive. Students are allowed four first semesters and four-second semesters of competition and cannot compete if they have graduated from high school.

Transfer Students
A student in grades nine through twelve who transfers to another high school is not eligible to participate in an interscholastic contest for one full semester unless the student qualifies for immediate eligibility under one or more of thirteen exceptions published by the MHSAA.

Undue Influence
The use of undue influence by any person directly or indirectly associated with a school to secure or encourage the attendance of a student for athletic purposes will cause the student to become ineligible for a minimum of one semester.

Limited Team Membership
After practicing with or participating with high school teams, students cannot participate in any athletic competition not sponsored by his or her school in the same sport during the same season. Students in individual sports may participate in a maximum of two non-school individual meets or contests during the school season while not representing their school.

All – Star Competition
Students shall not compete at any time in any sport under MHSAA jurisdiction in All – Star Contests or national championships regardless of the method of selection. Participation in such a contest shall cause that student to become ineligible for a maximum period of one year of school enrollment.

Awards and Amateurism
Students cannot receive money or other valuable considerations for participating in MHSAA sponsored sports or officiating in interscholastic athletic contests, except as allowed by the handbook. Students may accept, for participation in MHSAA sponsored sports, a symbolic or merchandise award, which does not have a value over $25.00. Banquets, luncheons, dinners, trips and admission to camps or events, are permitted if accepted “in kind”. Awards in the form of cash, merchandise, certificates, or any other negotiable document are not allowed.

Any other specific rules or regulations can be found in the athletic office.

Complaint Procedure and Guidelines

Parents and Athletes
Unfortunately, complaints do occur in the coaching profession. Most are mere misunderstandings. They are usually resolved with communication between the two individuals involved. There are times when the complaint cannot be resolved at this level. The complaining party should then begin with Step #2 in the process. Keep in mind when going through the process, whether the complaint is small or large, the mediation process is very important and will be handled in a manner which treats the individual with fairness and concern. No coach shall treat an athlete differently as a result of a parent’s complaint, opinion, or action.

When a complaint is brought to any level of the administration, it shall be processed in the following manner:

Step 1
The individual with the complaint shall be directed to discuss their concern with whomever they have a complaint.
Step 2
If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the Director of Athletics shall investigate the complaint.
Step 3
If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved at the Director of Athletics level, the building principal or their designee shall investigate the complaint.
Step 4
If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved at this level, the superintendent of schools or designee may hear the complaint and take whatever action is determined to be prudent.

Inappropriate Issues for Parents to Discuss with the Coaching Staff
Playing time, team strategy, play calling, other student athletes

Grandville High School Award Requirements

Varsity awards are given to those athletes who meet the requirements designated by each sport. Requirements to win a varsity letter are determined by the head coach of each sport. Awards are given to the Most Valuable Player for each sport.

NCAA Eligibility Rules

For complete information and registration, visit the NCAA web site at www.ncaaclearinghouse.net

NCAA COLLEGE ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY: Student athletes who wish to participate in athletics at Division I or Division II colleges, must be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. To be certified students must submit the Student Release Form, a transcript of grades, test scores, and the filing fee to the Clearinghouse. Test scores must be submitted from the testing agency.

The NCAA has adopted new legislation that will require prospects who intend to enroll at NCAA Division I and Division II institutions to supply ACT or SAT scores to the Clearinghouse directly from the testing agencies. Test scores on an official high school transcript will no  longer be usable for NCAA purposes. All prospective student-athletes intending to enroll in an NCAA Division I or II institution for the first time on or after August 1, 2007 must complete the NCAA Amateurism Certification questionnaire. Online courses may not be accepted by the NCAA Clearinghouse, please check with your counselor or the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Note: Courses taken at the eighth grade level cannot satisfy core-course requirements. Courses taken as Pass/Fail, shall be assigned be assigned the lowest passing grade (D-) in calculating the core GPA.

For Division I: Students must successfully complete 16 approved-core courses including:
English: 4 years
Math: 3 years, must include Advanced Algebra
Science: 2 years, at least one LAB science
Additional English, Math, Science: 1 year
Social Studies: 2 years
Additional approved core courses: 4 years
AND have a core-course grade point average and combined ACT/SAT score according to the NCAA index.

For Division II: Students must successfully complete 14 approved-core courses including:
English: 3 years
Math: 2 years, Algebra I and Geometry
Science: 2 years, at least one LAB science
Additional English, Math, Science: 2 years
Social Studies: 2 years
Additional approved core courses: 3 years
Earn a 2.00 GPA or better in core courses AND earn a combined SAT score of 820 or ACT sum score of 68.

Miscellaneous Information

Sport Switching
During a season, sport switching is allowable if both coaches agree that all parties concerned will benefit by the switch, and all school-issued equipment is accounted for.

Personal Appearance
Exemplary personal appearance is considered important and is to be encouraged. Individual coaches may establish a consistent or uniform dress policy on game days.

The athlete must exhibit good sportsmanship both on and off the field. He/she is to show respect for all other people with whom he/she may come in contact including teammates, coaches, teachers, officials, opponents, etc. The athlete will be expected to attend and participate in all practices and team meetings and carry out the directives of his/her coach.

Removal from Participation
The coach of the sport, athletic director, and/or principal may make the decision for removal from participation. The athletic director and/or principal will confer with the coach prior to removing a participant from a team. Each case will be looked at individually. For possible reasons for removal, refer back to the Grandville High School Athletic Code. Conduct that is determined to be a discredit or detrimental to himself/herself, the team, or the school is sufficient reason for removal from participation by the coach, athletic director or principal.